adidas Pure Boost 2017 20210810

Shoes to, before the official website activities to buy a pair of good wear, but at that time do not know to buy the breeze, walk more, socks bottom is soil….. The 42.5 last time was a little tight. The 43 I bought this time is much more comfortable. A thinner insole should not affect it. The shoes are really good, but the color I bought can’t be photographed…. But it’s a nice color.

The shoes are very good. This is the third color I bought, the first physical store, the second and third tmall official website. It’s just that there’s something wrong with ADI’s online size. I want to buy the usual size of 43.5, first convert it into 43 according to the English size, and then shoot 43, and the result is still 43.5 Is that interesting The second time, because I didn’t see the small words on it, I bought it half a yard bigger. At that time, I thought it was the wrong delivery Later, I finally understood that Customer service is also very dogmatic. They always say English code, English code Can we localize it!

adidas Pure Boost 2017

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